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Landmark exhibition of Christianity in Lithuanian art

VILNIUSFor all the magnificence of its monumental heritage, Vilnius has traditionally had only a

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Abstain from March 16

The important day of March 16 has come by another year. It was decided on that day in 1952 that this

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Politics in the Baltics can be a cruel business. The hope and fate of a nation often rests on one pa

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What to do with Aivars Garda?

Four people were mentioned by name in the recently released U.S. State Department Report on Human Ri

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Presidential caliber

Rolandas Paksas is in the unique position of having been prime minister of Lithuania twice. Now he's

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Baltic share prices move chaotically

The Baltic stock markets last week were characterized by sudden turns in price movement upwards as w

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Estonia lukewarm on trade group idea

TALLINNThe Heritage Foundation, a U.S. think tank, is lobbying President George W. Bush to establ

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Soviet-era battery factory gets second chance

KLAIPEDAThe Baltic states' only battery plant, Naujasis Sirijus, which halted operations more tha

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Dalkia eyes electricity production

VILNIUSThe Lithuanian company Litesko, a subsidiary of the French heating company Dalkia, is plan

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Consumer rights still somewhat confusing in Estonia

TALLINNThe Estonian Consumer Protection Department celebrated international consumers day with a

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