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Viski wants radar in its backyard

RIGAGovernment officials from the rural district of Viski in Daugavpils region on March 19 began

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Birds warm up for Eurovision

TALLINNThe popularity of the Eurovision Song Contest in the Baltics can be easily explained. No,

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Party enrolls members without their consent

TALLINNThe Russian Unity Party, one of Estonia's smallest political parties, has listed more than

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Two bombs rock center of Tallinn

TALLINNTwo bombs exploded one after another at around 4:25 a.m. on March 18 in Tallinn's downtown

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SIBERIAN SUPPORT: A public organization was founded March 20 in the Latvian town of Valmiera to supp

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Anti-Russia mood in Kaliningrad

MOSCOWSeparatist sentiments are increasing in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, according to th

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Baltic ministers show unity with Rumsfeld

RIGAThe defense ministers from the three Baltic countries had an unscheduled meeting on March 14

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Missing radioactive fuel uncovered

VILNIUSLaw enforcement officials found during a successful operation on March 15 around 20 kilogr

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Little progress in treatment of juvenile inmates

RIGAWith some juveniles waiting to be sentenced for more than two years in inhumane conditions, L

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Lithuania could be disqualified from Eurovision

VILNIUSThe European Broadcasting Union has decided to investigate if the band chosen to represent

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