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Businessman back in court over Staburadze

RIGAThe ongoing court battle between Icelandic businessman Gisli Reynisson and Latvia's equity ma

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Preatoni renews plans for shopping center

RIGAItalian businessman Ernesto Preatoni has renewed plans to build a shopping mall on the site o

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Lithuanian airlines sell-off plan to be unveiled

VILNIUSLithuania's Transportation Ministry and the State Property Fund are set to make a decision

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Internet use up in Latvia

RIGARetail commerce on the Internet climbed 180 percent in Latvia last year, according to researc

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MOBILES PREFERRED: The number of mobile telephone users in Latvia grew by 223,900 last year while th

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Software watches errant workers

VILNIUSA Lithuanian technology firm has introduced controversial new software that allows manager

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HEX offers to buy Riga Stock Exchange

RIGAThe Helsinki Stock Exchange took another step this week to corral the three Baltic bourses un

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Bloody end to story of legendary hijackers

VILNIUSThe notorious Brazinskas father-and-son pairing who hijacked an Aeroflot aircraft to flee

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Presidential pension for Landsbergis rejected

VILNIUSThe Lithuanian Parliament has thrown out amendments put forward by President Valdas Adamku

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The rise of paintball: colorful warfare

RIGAIn 1970 James Hale of the U.S. Daisy Manufacturing company invented and patented the first pa

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