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Pins and needles

No "plan B?"European Union leaders, from Enlargement Commissioner Gunter Verheugen to Danish Prim

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The Nice showdown

Michael Bourke is Ireland's honorary consul in Latvia in addition to being the president of a Latvia

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Letters to editor

All SmilesYour editorial "The attack of the superstore" and Sara Toth's recent article about the

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New faces mean election success

In several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, new, often populist parties have emerged and enj

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Though not as resounding as he had predicted, Einars Repse's election victory seems to have recharge

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No ads are good ads

The outcome of Latvia's election was atypical. The parties that finished first and second invested t

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A political barometer

The Baltic Times persuaded some typical voters in Latvia to share their thoughts on what the new gov

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Playing it safe

After four years on the fringes of Parliament, Ingrida Udre could prove a power broker following Lat

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Irresponsible leaders

In the lead-up to this weekend's election, much attention has been paid to the public opinion polls

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The price of EU membership

In less than two weeks, Latvia will hold national elections, the outcome of which will significantly

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