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Eyeing another shot

After a short stint as prime minister, Guntars Krasts is ready to take the helm again. Interview by

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The true freedom fighters

Right up to this day, when Sept. 1 once again distances people's historical memories about the begin

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A flawed plan

Students across the Baltics went back to the classroom this week and politicians returned from their

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The refinery Moscow built

The secret deal between Lithuania's "strategic investor" in the country's only oil refinery, the U.S

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Risks of reform

Brigita Zepa, director of the Baltic Institute of Social Sciences, says a plan to require minority h

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Yukos, Lithuania and the undoing of the Americans

The U.S.-based energy group Williams announced last week that it was selling its share in Lithuania'

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Stop, look and listen

A cursory look at Yukos' takeover of the Lithuanian oil group Mazeikiu Nafta has led most in Lithuan

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The law's the law

Deputy Janis Adamsons from the Social Democratic Workers Party was barred from standing in the next

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Snow queen

Kristina Schmigun, Estonia's 24-year-old skiing star, is among the most beloved public figures in th

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Letter to Editor

On the middleThe article "Man in the middle" TBT#318 by Steven C. Johnson raises several question

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