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Saving on appearances

In 1994 the then Lithuanian President Algirdas Brazauskas visited Israel and apologized in the Kness

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World traveler

Ingeborga Dapkunaite is the only film star in the Baltic states whose name is likely to be familiar

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No question over NATO

Lithuania is bracing itself for Nov. 2002, the decision date for an invitation to join NATO. For Lit

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Notorious anti-Semite Vytautas Sustauskas brings shame on Lithuania. He is a betrayer of his country

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Estonia's fading emigres

Come home, Estonians of the world. Estonian political leaders have long urged émigrés to return and

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Banking on honesty

Einars Repse has gone from being a young Latvian Central Bank head to one of the country's most popu

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Baltic human rights

The Baltic states generally fare well in the U.S. State Department's recently issued annual report o

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Being a millionaire ain't what it used to be. Inflation has seen to that. But owning a million kroon

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Figuring out Latvia's press

RIGARemember Gerard Stoudmann? He was the OSCE official who last month at a conference in Riga sa

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Living with stardom

Pop sensation Prata Vetra - known internationally as Brain Storm - are by far and away the most popu

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