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Turning up the heat

Efraim Zuroff is, quite simply, a man with a mission. That mission is bringing Nazi war criminals to

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Friendship caught up in the borderlands

The war may have ended a long time ago, but some remember it as if it were yesterday. Jorgen Johanss

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One for all, seven for NATO

(Editors note: The following is the text of the "The Declaration of Riga," issued jointly by the 10

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Next stop, Ukraine

The message from the NATO candidate countries' summit in Riga was not which countries would be invit

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A NATO vote?

MP Rolandas Pavilionis says Lithuania must hold a referendum on NATO membership according to the con

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Man of the matches

Thanks to the World Cup, sports writer Valery Karpushkin is enjoying a bout of minor celebrity. His

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Europe, meet Lithuania

According to draft conclusions of the recent European Union summit in Seville last week, the EU "rea

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A life transformed

Vaidotas Zukas has been dubbed by some the "artistic conscience of Lithuania." A painter, journalist

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A new business experience

For me, it was a front-row seat in a drama of hope, riches and faith in a prosperous future. Thes

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Sweetness and light with a sting

For Westerners, honey is just something you spread on the toast for breakfast. However, Lithuanians

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