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How to cover terrorism: the new media rules

Rule One: When covering terrorist attacks, do not discuss the political context of the attacks or th

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Patriots for a price

Latvia's outgoing parliament and government have brilliantly demonstrated why politics is dirty, cro

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U.S.-style campaign minus the ideology

The Estonian media called them the most hotly contested local city and town elections in the country

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Not just a train passing through

Gediminas Kirkilas is chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Lithuanian Parliament and a m

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Ante up

This is an open letter to the Estonian minister for sports and to the Tallinn City Council.

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EU candidate states gear up for referendums

RAGUEEven before the Irish referendum cleared the way to the European Union, the former communist

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Back to work

A collective sigh was almost audible across Central and Eastern Europe on Oct. 20 when it became cle

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Are Lithuania and the EU ready for each other?

VILNIUSLast week the powers in Brussels announced all candidates for EU membership minus Rumania

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A region on the rise

Former Danish Foreign Minister Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, now chairman of the Baltic Development Forum, h

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Where children don't belong

The Baltic Times has previously reported on "Sasha" - a 17-year-old boy, convicted of burglary and v

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