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If Latvia's new government does not come up with a plan to appease Russia, the oil pipes running acr

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Putin's high ratings reflect expectations, illusions

Russian President Vladimir Putin's public approval ratings arguably represent his most important pol

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Progress, or just a time-out?

Last month's EU-Russia summit in Brussels, which finalized a long-awaited agreement on visas and tra

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Why do we need NATO?

In the end, they solved the problem of Alexander Lukashenko's determination to attend the Prague sum

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Intensify the pressure

While Europe last week in the Czech Republic celebrated its watershed security consensus for the 21s

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New times indeed

The winds of change rushed through the streets of Riga in the afternoon of Nov. 12. During the new g

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For America, Baltics' NATO membership a celebration

The United States never recognized Soviet occupation of the three Baltic nations, so it was a specia

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Moscow loses negotiations over Kaliningrad exclave?

Russian officials continue to heap praise on the Kremlin's agreement with the European Union, which

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Going into the Prague summit of Nov. 21 – 22 there are two irrefutable tenets and two equally irrefu

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It's a hard knock life

Crime figured prominently in Estonian headlines last week. "Addicts terrorize Tallinn." "There's a w

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