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Truth about Latvian tourism

The latest batch of official statistics on tourism in Latvia completely skew the true picture. Appar

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Now that the invitations are in hand, everyone is wondering how the citizens of the 10 potential EU

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EU enlargement: What comes after Copenhagen?

Last week the leaders of the 15 European Union member states fiddled with the rusted bolts and hinge

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Different issues, but a common front

Chief negotiator for Lithuania's Accession to the European Union, Petras Austrevicius, shared some i

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Kuchma seeks Russian support amid isolation

Cold-shouldered in the West over alleged arms sales to Iraq, President Leonid Kuchma has pledged clo

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Last chance to bargain at EU table

Foreign ministers from the 10 leading EU candidate countries were locked in negotiations in Brussels

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Not even readers of The Baltic Times are indifferent to the prospects of Turkey acceding to the Euro

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Judging the judge

After WW2 the allied occupying powers presented a number of reform demands on Germany, including the

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Trying to minimize Baltic losses

At the EU's Copenhagen summit this week, Estonia is likely to get an invitation to join. Politicians

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Brain drain in the Baltics: Returnees find bleak prospects

During the last decade, the migration of skilled workers, more popularly called a "brain drain," has

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