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Police unveil priorities for 2001

TALLINN - Fighting drug-related crimes and the development of public cooperation have been set as to

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Nurses lined up for export

TALLINN - Norwegian businessman Finn Radmann plans to make over 8 million kroons on exporting the se

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Summed Up

MINISTER DOWN: Lithuanian Transportation Minister Gintaras Striaukas has resigned. His letter of res

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Murders in Sweden and Denmark shock Lithuania

VILNIUS - Late last year a gang of three young Lithuanians killed and robbed two people in Scandinav

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Dysentery outbreak reveals food production chaos

RIGA - The production of one of Latvia's leading dairies, Tukuma Piens, was suspended Jan. 21 follow

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Compensation agreed for Nazi slave labor victims

RIGA - Latvia and Germany reached an agreement on Jan. 23 on compensation payments to people used as

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Eco-report highlights dirty Estonian power stations

RIGA - Thanks to its decrepit oil-shale power stations, Estonia's greenhouse gas emissions are among

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Russia-CE relationship in Latvian hands

RIGA - The tables have turned. After being on the receiving end of what has been a decade of critici

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Battle for municipalities begins

RIGA - As rumors of an imminent government collapse abound, campaigning for local elections in March

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Lithuania marks its night of triumph

VILNIUS - In January 1991, the Soviet army turned their weapons on an unarmed, peaceful crowd of peo

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