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Latvia's retreating glaciers

I was not in Latvia 10,000 years ago when the glaciers retreated, but I can imagine what this pl

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Fascination with politicians

The Lithuanian daily Lietuvos Rytas has published opinion polls about the "Person of the Year" i

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From the editor

It's a common tradition to give each other gifts and best wishes at Christmas and New Year. As w

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Baltic List weak on New Year's hangover

The downward correction of Baltic List stocks continued during the first week of the new year am

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Disparities in the legislation of the Baltics

TALLINN - Although the three Baltic states had very similar legislation at the end of the Sovie

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Latvian commercial law put on hold

RIGA - The long-discussed Latvian commercial law, which was due to come into effect Jan. 1, 2001

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Why are you still in business?

Why are you in business? Do you know? When was the last time you thought about it? Do you stay i

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Latvia's Internet portals Tvnet and Latnet merge

RIGA - Two of Latvia's biggest Internet portals, Tvnet and Internet catalogue Labdien Latvija! (

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Dangers of the 'doughnut effect'

The construction of the biggest shopping center in Lithuania is due to begin in March (see TBT #

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Business briefs

EBRD GRANTS A LOAN: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has extended a syndicat

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