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Buses to replace trains

TALLINN - The Estonian Ministry of Transport and Communications and the railway company Edelaraudtee

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Lithuanian government closes doors to Hansapank

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian government headed by Prime Minister Rolandas Paksas is set to pursue a new

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Tax-free abolition to harm shipping companies

TALLINN - Ongoing European Union accession talks have begun to touch on the sensitive topic of aboli

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Consensus reached on EU action plan

VILNIUS - Lithuania's ruling center-right coalition is showing it can make certain compromises with

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LRT rescue package includes CD and mug sales

VILNIUS - The administration of the debt-ridden Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) has p

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Will Gecas be extradited from Scotland?

Vilnius - Alleged Nazi war criminal Anton Gecas may be extradited from Scotland to Lithuania. Lithua

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Tempers frayed after Geneva child protection talks

RIGA - Children's rights campaigners have strongly criticized government officials who, they say, mi

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Kononovs to face new trial on war crimes

RIGA - As Nazi hunters await a pending trial of alleged Nazi war criminal Konrad Kalejs, the Latvian

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Sculptor commits his life to flames

TALLINN - Twenty-six-year-old sculptor Lauri Tiidemann set himself on fire in front of the Universit

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New school atlas causes offence

TALLINN - A new world atlas for use in Estonian schools has stirred up controversy with its depictio

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