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Supermarket collapse raises safety concerns

RIGA - Two people died and four were injured when a building in Riga's art nouveau district coll

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Estonia enacts tough tobacco law

TALLINN - In force since Jan. 1, the Estonian tobacco law bans smoking in a number of places and

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Young politicians for lighter schoolbags

TALLINN - The Estonian Parliament was first convened sitting was held at Toompea Palace on Jan.

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Great expectations for 2001

TALLINN - Now that the New Year's party is nearly forgotten, it's time to make predictions for t

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News briefs

DAYS OF FREEDOM: On Jan.13, at 9:30 a.m. in Vilnius, a remembrance tree will be planted in the g

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Lithuanian crime wave hits Sweden

RIGA - Swedish police are struggling to keep track of a new crime wave sweeping the country, whi

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Miracle created from ice

VILNIUS - An ice sculpture theme park was created for the first time in Vilnius' just before the

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Case ready against Russian extremists

RIGA - Latvian prosecutors have completed preparations for the trial of members of a Soviet revi

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Balkans syndrome checkups to start for peacekeepers

RIGA - Defense officials in the Baltic states responded to mounting concern in Europe that the d

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Baltics under nuclear threat from Russia?

RIGA - The new millennium has started with what, at least on the surface, seems to be an attempt

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