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New president in seven months

TALLINN - Seven months left until Estania's next presidential election, and the race is about to beg

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Off the wire

INVITATION TO NATO 2002: The next step in the NATO enlargement process should be inviting the three

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Rights for Russian wanted

RIGA - The battle over the status of Russian in Latvia goes on. A high-ranking bureaucrat in the Rus

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'Baltic gene' discovered

RIGA - After 10 years of research, Latvian geneticists and anthropologists together with Finnish sci

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U.S. crime fighters lay down rules of engagement

RIGA - In an attempt to improve Baltic efforts against organized crime, the U.S. Department of Justi

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Sweden's EU presidency a boost for the Baltics

TALLINN - As Sweden takes on the rotating six-month presidency of the European Union, Estonian offic

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Case dropped against anti-Semitic article

RIGA - A storm in the Latvian media that exploded last year may now be buried after Riga's chief pro

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Riding the underpants express from Vilnius to Riga

It's not murder on the Baltik Ekspress but underpants. And if you think it's a whodunit case, yo

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Latvian media on the rise

RIGA - Over the past 18 months, Latvia has seen many changes in its media climate. Journalists a

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Nuclear cloud of unknowing over Kaliningrad

Last week, Washington Times ran a report based on unnamed sources within the U.S. intelligence c

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