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Soviet theme park

Alyaksandr Lukashenka, a former Soviet collective farm director, has been reelected for a second ter

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The poor and the Aussies

The difference between "the poor, the huddled masses"of refugees and economic migrants who filled up

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Old lines and new ones

Seven years ago, on Aug. 30, Moscow formally ended its nearly half-century military presence in the

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Extremist senility in Riga

The nomination of the former Interfront activist Tatyana Zhdanok as executive director of one of Rig

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NATO: the Baltic dimension

When reading news about the aspirations of a number of nations to join the North Atlantic Treatu Org

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So, Estonia is getting a new president in September. The jolly bunch of smart, sophisticated and

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In a weekend, 800 years

July 11, 2001 marks the day of my arrival in Riga. I don't exaggerate when I say that these 40-plus

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Ten years without communism

The world's media marked the 10th anniversary of a bungled putsch by communist hardliners and the re

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More than just a monument

When I first visited Soviet-occupied Latvia in 1978 as a tourist, I was told it was best not to go n

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"All roads lead to Riga,"an ancient Latvian proverb goes. This weekend, it will probably get as real

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