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"NATO is not for everybody," screamed one Russian-language newspaper in Riga after the Vilnius 10 su

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Kitten goes global online

Can a country like Latvia preserve its ancient language and culture in the age of globalization? The

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Veiled threats

This week U.S. President George Bush announced new security measures on all flights, including the i

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Despite the burst of the dot-com bubble and the slowdown of e-commerce due to fraud, the IT industry

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Multiple-choice apocalypse

At the time I am writing this, the bombs are not falling yet, and neither are special operations tro

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Back to the future

The Brazauskas syndrome hit Estonia's electoral college on the evening of Sept. 21, when it voted i

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The wounding of the world

As fate would have it, I was leaving New York on a jet flight that took off 45 minutes before the un

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Understanding America's resolve

The tragic events in New York and Washington, D.C. have called into question America's resolve to co

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Under attack

Peace is over. Welcome to the unpredictable 21st century. The Baltics are part of the liberal Wester

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Baltic recognition

Ten years ago on Sept. 6, the Soviet government formally recognized the independence of Estonia, Lat

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