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Remember the Jewish survivors

I am a non-Balt and a non-Jew. However, two causes have been with me for most of my adult life. One

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Latvia is famous for its drivers. "Many are rude, death-defying and willing to run down innocent ped

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Changing minds at exam time

The end of May is usually associated with state exam time in schools in the Baltic states. A lot of

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Enlargement discussion to begin soon

With little over a year to go until the NATO summit in Prague, where nine candidate countries - Alba

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European recordings

We already know what everyone was thinking when Tanel Padar and Dave Benton appeared onstage at the

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Latvian and Lithuanian relations are good. Of this there can be no doubt, at least judging from offi

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EU hopes and dreams

Membership of the European Union has now become an unrealistic hope for many Central and Eastern Eur

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Bobelis the Savior

In late 1991 the Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party was the most popular party in the country, ac

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More punkish behavior

Riga's sky was white with fog when the National Bolsheviks took St. Peter's tower, last November. Th

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Hockey craze to repeat next year

The 2001 World Championship for the Latvian national ice-hockey team was over a week before the fina

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