The phones ring, but nobody answers

  • 2000-01-13
  • By Rokas M. Tracevskis
The Lithuanian Justice Ministry has a registry of 37 political
parties; but in reality, in Lithuanian political life only 30 are
active. Others have only documents.

Dreamers created the "ghost"parties expecting quick political
success. After their failure to achieve it, these parties died. The
Justice Ministry has their phone numbers, but it is still impossible
to find party members at these telephones.

The Humanists' Party was registered in 1990 but a call to this
party's headquarters was not successful.

"I don't know anything about Humanists. This is a trading firm
now,"said a young woman.

A similar story happened with the Justice Party.

"No Justice here,"was the answer.

The Party of Ancestors' Rebirth was registered in 1993, the Social
Justice Party in 1996. The phones rang, but nobody was at home. So
the ancestors have not yet been reborn. Perhaps, there is no social
justice around. An employee of the Justice Ministry explained that
there is no law for challenging the registry of inactive parties.