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Free trade versus protectionism

The free trade versus protectionism debate is a hoary old chestnut, but one which frequently raises

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Baltic stock exchanges agree to cooperate

VILNIUS (BNS) - The Baltic stock exchanges are trying to create conditions for trading on the Lithua

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Estonia's tax man cometh

As the Estonian Parliament considers introducing a progressive income tax, Kairi Kurm hit the street

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Lainbanka close to bankruptcy

RIGA (BNS) - The Bank of Latvia's board supported the insolvency report submitted by Latvijas Indust

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Latvian privatization drags on

RIGA (BNS/DOW JONES) Latvia will not complete privatization of the major state owned companies befo

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Reduced prices, amazed Estonians

TALLINN - With reduced prices advertised prominently in their windows, Tallinn department stores wer

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Uhispank changes Tallinn's skyline

TALLINN - Tallinn will have its first skyscraper thanks to the Uhispank Group, which is setting a ne

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LUKoil turns up heat on Lithuanian company

VILNIUS (BNS) - Russia's LUKoil concern said the U.S.-based Williams International's plans to start

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Summed up

LATVIAN BANKS LICK THEIR WOUNDS: Only 10 out of 27 Latvian commercial banks earned a profit in 1998,

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American investors to save EVEA bank

TALLINN - The EVEA Pank management did its best to save the bank from bankruptcy by finding an inter

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