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Russian pensioners call off protest

TALLINN - Payment to ailing Russian pensioners has come just in time to prevent a demonstration in f

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Off the Wire

EIHMANIS WILL REIMBURSE THE STATE: Under fire from all sides, Latvian National Armed Forces Commande

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Bishop tries to heal wounds of the past

VILNIUS - The Lileikis trial has touched what is still a raw nerve in Lithuanian society - the dogge

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Lileikis trial interrupted again

VILNIUS - After months of delay caused by physical illness, accused war criminal Aleksandras Lileiki

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Russian-speakers bemoan education law: Parliament calls for all-Latvian classes by 2004

RIGA - Although the new education law affects Latvia's entire education system, it has caused the mo

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Double murder shocks Estonia

TALLINN - The probation service suffered a serious setback this week when a convicted killer brutall

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Lithuania irked by EU delay

VILNIUS - Although the European Commission announced Lithuania is not ready to begin entry negotiati

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No room at EU table for Latvia, Lithuania: Latvia could join talks in 1999

RIGA - Latvia could be invited to join the first round of negotiations to enter the European Union b

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Karate drop kicks its way into Lithuania

Making up for time lost under Soviet repression, martial arts participants are busy walking on glass

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Breaking through cultural boundaries

The word "volunteer" has had a bad rap in Estonia since Soviet times, when it meant being pulled off

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