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Baltic Sea identity

The inaugural Rauma Biennale Balticum in 1985 was one of the first chances for artists from communis

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A picture perfect village

It emerged from the debris of World War II and is now helping the "social orphans" of Latvia. Katya

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Dim decision leaves Lithuania in the dark

By Parker RuisThe sun set in Vilnius at about 3:30 p.m. the first week of November, but the natur

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When a group of patriots declared Latvia independent in Riga's National Theater on Nov. 18, 1918

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Stock markets: weekly report (November 10 – 16)

Latvia: Unibanka pulls down the marketAt the end of last week the Riga Stock Exchange dropped sha

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Lukoil looks at Latvian pipeline project

RIGA (BNS) – The Russian oil company Lukoil is interested in the possible construction of a pipeline

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Butinge terminal partially completed

VILNIUS (BNS) – The offshore part of Lithuania's Butinge Oil Terminal has been completed ahead of sc

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Bank of Latvia considers pegging lat to euro

RIGA (DOW JONES/BNS) – The Bank of Latvia will monitor the development of the single European curren

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Food exports get help from a middleman

VILNIUS – As the Russian financial crisis continues to swirl, Lithuanian food companies that export

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Lithuania to get loans

VILNIUS (BNS) – Lithuania is the first to break the Western bank's blockade for loans to the Central

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