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Keeping an eye on the East

The question about our own identity, who we are or where we are in Europe or the world, is rarely ra

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Just because neither Latvia nor Lithuania will find an invitation to the EU in their Christmas stock

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Earnings of the listed and to-be-listed companies

EstoniaƤ The Tallinn-based confectionery maker AS Kalev suffered a loss of 3.1 million kroons ($2

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Stock markets: weekly report (November 3 - 9)

Banking shares still remain the most interesting assets for speculation in the Baltic stock markets,

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Consumer prices go up in Lithuania

VILNIUS (BNS) - Prices for consumer goods and services grew by 0.4 percent in October as compared wi

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Banks grapple with reserve figures

RIGA - Some commercial banks did not come clean in September quarterly reports to the Bank of Latvia

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Energy deal all but inked

VILNIUS - It appears there will be no turning back for the Power Bridge group and the Lithuanian pow

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Latvian soldiers rebuild Bosnia and beyond

Katya Cengel reports on Latvian soldiers from the Baltbat battalion who are helping both Latvia and

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Russian crisis clouds EU horizon

RIGA - So, the European Commission says Latvia is on track for EU membership. Not so fast. The on

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EU member countries cool on expansion

RIGA - Declining interest in eastern expansion among European Union member states may explain why no

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