Crime on the rise in Tallinn

TALLINN - The crime rate in Tallinn has increased by 8 percent over the past year, according to poli

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Unibanka robbed of 20,000 lats

RIGA - A woman held hostage following a bank robbery in Sigulda is being hailed as a heroine by auth

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Baltics establish common school zone

RIGA - Taking inspiration from their Nordic neighbors the Baltic states have signed an agreement tha

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Stockholm ferry receives bomb threat

RIGA - A Russian-operated ferry bound for Stockholm was forced to return to Riga just three hours ou

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International Vilnius festival spotlights ethnic communities

VILNIUS - For the fourth year in a row, Vilnius woke up from its summer sleep to a carnival playgrou

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Lithuanian president admits Butinge may be dangerous

RIGA - After serious flaws in the construction of the Butinge oil terminal were made public last wee

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Accused Nazi collaborator returns for trial

RIGA - Every summer hundreds of Latvian ŽmigrŽs who have settled abroad return to their homeland for

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