“Unfinished Justice: Restitution and Remembrance” put Baltics in unfavorable spotlight

The failure of 12 countries, including Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to return or compensate for Jewish property stolen during the Holocaus...

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Schools close, but the town is open for business

The town of Madona has lost 11.4 per cent of its population since 2010, and the schools, businesses, and government organizations are feeling th...

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Lithuanian globetrotter: Baltics need to exert more self-promoting efforts

With 170 countries under his belt, Danas Pankevicius, is believed to be the most-travelled Lithuanian in the world. It took him 18 entire years ...

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What are they thinking? Tasteless tourists take sick selfies and breakdance at Jews’ massacre site

What are they thinking? Tasteless tourists take sick selfies and breakdance at site where 10,000 Lithuanian Jews were murdered in one day by Naz...

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MSF staffer: “Sometimes I see more misery and hopelessness in western society”

He’s witnessed first-hand plenty of misery, brushed with death from lethal illnesses, including: Ebola, malaria, and AIDS, and had to make...

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Why is unemployment in Latvia higher than the other Baltic States?

In December, Latvia registered the 6th highest unemployment level in the EU at 9.8 per cent. Even though this Eurostat data is not encouraging, ...

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TechChill Riga: An opportunity to share know-how and get a glimpse of the startup future

TechChill, the annual event held in Riga during February 9-10 of this year, traditionally launches the startup season, as interest in the Baltic...

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Reet Aus: saving the environment with upcycled fashion

The Estonian trailblazer of trash-to-trend fashion garments, Reet Aus has been experimenting with recycling in fashion and costume design since ...

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