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Putting Putin in his place

BRUSSELS – At least six crises are testing Europe’s stability: regional chaos caused primarily by the war in Syria, a potential Brit...

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Can Estonia be defended?

TALLINN - Beginning in summer 2014 and extending for over a year, the RAND Arroyo Center conducted a series of wargames examining the results of...

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EAT OUT Italian - Casa Nostra Where Italy begins in Riga. Italian owned. 2 Italian...

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Trafalgar Square celebrations

Lithuania brought a touch of world-class opera to London with a free lunchtime concert held to mark the 98th anniversary of the restoration of L...

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Australian Aboriginal and Papuan art at Riga Bourse

RIGA - Running until April 17, the exhibition “Australian Aboriginal and Papuan Art” on show at the Riga Bourse Art Museum presents ...

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Kalagrass: A joyful take on traditional Latvian music

On most Sunday nights and some national holidays, in Riga’s Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs, a band called #ImantaDimanta and Friends incorporates t...

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The KGB’s 23rd floor in Tallinn’s Hotell Viru

For almost 20 years thFor almost 20 years the 23rd floor of Tallinn’s city centre Hotell Viru functioned as the radio translation room for...

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Estonian music making the world take notice

TALLINN - Think of Estonian innovation, and you probably think of startups in the tech world. Certainly, most people who are aware of the Baltic...

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The rise of Latvia’s moral guardians

Who are the people who run around forests with laser guns and defend “family values” in protests by the Latvian parliament?

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Estonia: Center Party leader suggests tax breaks for East-Viru County

TALLINN – Regional tax breaks could help bring new investments and jobs to the northeastern East-Viru County, leader of Estonia’s op...

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