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Tibet’s New Year to be celebrated in Vilnius

VILNIUS - Tibet’s New Year — Losar — will be celebrated in the Tibet Square in Vilnius on Sunday. Under the Tib...

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Final world tour: Jose Carreras’ life in music

RIGA - As one of the world’s opera grandees, the Spanish tenor Jose Carreras has been acclaimed as one of great operatic vocal artists of ...

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US pressures Latvia to clean up its non-resident banks

RIGA - Will pressure from the United States, fear of losing the last dollar correspondent account, and an impending vote on admission into the O...

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Several investors eyeing Port of Tallinn’s Paldiski refinery

TALLINN - Estonia’s Port of Tallinn is holding talks with several investors over building at the Paldiski South Port a refinery capable of...

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Lithuanian Gas Supply to buy gas from Norway’s Statoil

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s state-owned natural gas supply company Lietuvos Duju Tiekimas (Lithuanian Gas Supply, or LDT), which has, until now,...

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New, all-about-taxes Lithuanian party: “Lithuania is part of EU only de jure, not de facto”

As a rule, new political parties try to come up with a catchy name, but that’s not the case for Lithuania’s new political party, the...

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Meet the petrolhead Mayor of Kaunas

Unexpectedly for the mayor Unexpectedly for the mayor of a country’s second largest city, Visvaldas Matijosaitis, Mayor of Kaunas, tells T...

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Lietuva in brief

Lithuania’s Papal interpreter Lithuanian monsignor Visvaldas Kulbokas will interpret at the his...

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The largest Scots pine tree in the world has been found in Estonia

Found in the Veriora municipality of Estonia’s southeastern Polva county, the tree measures 46.6 metres in height. Accordin...

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Finnish MPs: Finland would respond if Estonia needed military help

TALLINN/HELSINKI - Heads of the Finnish parliament’s defense and foreign affairs committees agree that Finland would help Estonia in some ...

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