Farmers picket Estonian government

TALLINN - Lights flashing, engines roaring, a hundred tractors turned heads and stopped traffic in Tallinn’s city centre when farmers from...

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New Russian channel ETV+ most popular with ethnic Estonians

TALLINN - Altogether 294,000 people, most of them ethnic Estonians, watched the Estonian public broadcaster ERR’s new Russian language tel...

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Eesti in brief

Diminishing booze cruise Finnish tourists took home 11 percent less alcohol on ships coming from Esto...

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Eston Kohver gets back to work

TALLINN - After being handed back by Russian authorities in a dramatic cross border spy swap last month, Estonian counter-intelligence agent Est...

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Baltics plan to shatter Soviet “energy ring”

VILNIUS - The Baltic States are planning to sever ties with BRELL — a Soviet designed “energy ring” linking Belarus, Russia, E...

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Greens and Farmers Union chairman - refugees unwanted by 70 percent of Latvians

According to Augusts Brigmanis, the chairman of the parliamentary faction of the ruling Greens and Farmers Union (ZZS), refugees arriving to Lat...

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Lithuania to allocate 85,000 euros on integration of nationals from Ukraine

The Government of Lithuania plans to spend approximately 85,000 euros on the integration of Lithuanians, plus Lithuanian-Ukrainians and their fa...

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Baltic States will not need to pay compensation for BRELL exit

According to Dangiras Mikalajunas, the former CEO of Lietuvos Energija (Lithuanian Energy), Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia will not have to re-com...

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Russia causing disruptions in Baltic Sea - Lithuanian Ambassador to NATO

According to Vytautas Lesevicius, Lithuania’s Permanent Representative to NATO, Russia's military activity is causing incidents in the...

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