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Latvia will accept 250 refugees

On Monday June 6, 2015, Latvia agreed to accept 250 refugees, according to it’s government's decision in a closed meeting on Monday.

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Dalia Grybauskaite congratulates Lithuania on State Day

Congratulating the Lithuanian nation on the State Day, on Simonas Daukantas Square outside the Presidential Palace in Vilnius on Monday July 6, ...

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Russia and the Baltic States: Time to Get the Legal Facts Right

GHENT — Since the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, the security situation in the Baltic ...

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Arturas Racas - a defiant critic

KLAIPEDA - Arturas Racas has spent over 25 years as a journalist in numerous high-profile positions, which included representing France&...

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Europe’s Refugee Amnesia

BARCELONA - After World War I, when millions of European civilians were made refugees, forced out of their homelands by enemy occupation or depo...

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Paradigm Change?

RIGA - “It was a paradigm change,” someone wrote on Facebook last week about the Europride festival that was held in the capital cit...

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Climate Change: The Pope’s Encyclical and a Paddle for Life

Dear Editor, Some time ago you published an article by me about the Paddle for Life.  Things have now moved on an...

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Renovating the World Order

WARSAW - Russia-instigated violence has returned to Ukraine. The Islamic State continues its bloodstained territorial conquests. As violent conf...

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Estonian Drink Drivers Undeterred By Risks of Punishment

TALLINN - The Estonian punishment practice has not been sufficiently effective in reducing drunk driving, it appears from an analysis carried ou...

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Latvia’s “ad hoc” integration policies

RIGA - Latvia’s integration policies are ad hoc and project-based through the European Union, and they reach only a small part of immigran...

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