Medieval ships uncovered beneath Tallinn building sites

TALLINN - The remains of several medieval ships have been uncovered in a residential area of Tallinn by builders constructing new apartment buil...

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Estonia ramps up military activity on this year’s Victory Day

TALLINN - Soldiers marched through the island town of Kardla on Tuesday to celebrate Estonian Victory Day. Army units from Estoni...

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Eesti in brief

Asylum in Estonia Estonia is one of the least desirable destinations in the EU for asylum seekers, according to ...

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EC gets Rail Baltica on track

VILNIUS - After years of wrangling between the three Baltic States, there could finally be a high speed railway that goes from Berlin to Tallinn...

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US to position tanks and heavy artillery in Baltics

2 By Helen Wright, TALLINN America will “pre-position” tanks and a heavy artillery battalion in the B...

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