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Small science delivers big results

RIGA - One vision of the future predicts a world taken over by tiny ‘assemblers,’ able to build anything from scratch, including the...

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Moving on From the Euro

SAINT-PIERRE-D’ENTREMONT, FRANCE – European Monetary Union was never a good idea. I remember my surprise when, as a young assistant ...

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Sluggish times for Estonia’s exports

TALLINN — These are testing times for Estonian exports. A recent macro-economic report conducted by Swedbank suggests that ...

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Amber Grid seeks to estimate demand in capacity of Lithuania-Poland gas link

VILNIUS - Lithuania’s gas transmission system operator Amber Grid and Poland’s gas system operator Gaz-System have launched a proced...

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Kazakhstan, following Russia’s lead, bans Baltic fish

RIGA/MOSCOW - Following Russia’s lead, Kazakhstan has also introduced a ban on import of fish and fish products from Latvia and Estonia, t...

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Russia’s EuroChem makes a play for Lithuania’s Achema Group

VILNIUS - Russia’s chemical industry concern EuroChem Group is holding talks with shareholders of Achemos Grupe (Achema Group) on the acqu...

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Litgas optimistic about importing LNG from the US to ensure energy security

VILNIUS - Liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States can provide security due to its pricing as the US companies offer a fixed price, wh...

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The Estonian economy has entered a phase of slower growth

TALLINN - Growth is speeding up in Estonia, according to new data from the Estonian Central Bank. But it remains slower than before the crisis, ...

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Estonia’s anti-money laundering laws clamp down on Bitcoin traders

TALLINN - If you’ve been reading the mainstream news about Estonia, you may have come across praise about the way the country is said to b...

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Annual inflation rose in May, indicating sustained demand

RIGA - In May 2015, the annual inflation rose, reaching 1.2%. The rise was mostly due to price rises in some core inflation goods and services g...

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