Estonia, Sweden tackle the green stuff

Estonia and Sweden have agreed to implementing plans to develop e services and cleaner

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Putin orders government to counter Western sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Russian government on Tuesday to consi

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Second case of swine fever detected in Lithuania

One more case of African swine fever (ASF) has been detected in Lithuania.

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Estonians vote in controversial cohabitation law

A majority of Estonians are against a controversial cohabitation law, a recent poll re

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Ukraine soldiers injured in combat to be treated in Latvia

Two Ukrainians who suffered severe injuries in combat in eastern Ukraine will be treat

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Russian language newspaper to cease publishing after 23 years

Latvia's oldest Russian language newspaper will cease publishing after 23 years, t

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Baltics to feel worst impact of Russia EU sanctions

Belarus and the Baltics will feel the worst effects of slowing Russian growth, the IMF

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NATO troops in Estonia to cost over 3 million euros

Hosting NATO troops in Estonia this year will cost around 3.5 million euros, Postimees

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Estonia records one of its hottest summers yet

Estonia has recorded one of its hottest summers yet after temperatures rose to 33.5 de

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