Supermarket chain buys over competitor in major deal

Major retail trade company Mego has has signed a deal to take over supermarket chain, Iki in L

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Traffic control officials took 3,000 euros in bribes, say investigators

Criminal proceedings have been launched against eighteen officials in relation to alleged brib

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Football club forced to fold after money problems

One of Latvia's top football clubs, Liepajas Metalurgs, will disband following financial d

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Let it snow! Latvia wakes up to wintry weather

Snow has finally settled in parts of Latvia and the rest of the Baltics, with one village expe

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Mother arrested after two year old boy found dead in home

A mother has been arrested in Latvia's second largest city, Daugavpils, over the alleged m

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Its lift off! Lithuania launches first ever space mission

The first Lithuanian satellites in history will be launched in to space on Jan. 9.

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New Prime Minister calls for stability in first address

Latvia's first ever female Prime Minister has outlined her plans for the next term.

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Latvia unveils first ever female Prime Minister

Latvia has nominated its first ever female Prime Minister. Latvian President

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Latvia starts new year with new currency

The New Year has swept out the old, and brought in the new – promises and hopes –

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