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Latvia doesn’t have six years to get well again

The Latvian Health Service is in a state of disarray. Make no mistake about it! Having spent t

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EU is reaching its limits in absorbing more member states

Blunt, straightforward, gregarious and, quite unexpectedly for his rank, escapes the redundant

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What a loony ex-pol!

Back in Soviet days, there were two Latvian composers in particular who were known throughout

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‘Esplanade 2014’ events program

Riga becomes Europe’s Capital of Culture next year, with hundreds of special events taki

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Palace reopening provides inspiration for all

VILNIUS - Finally, after a long wait, the palace is open to everyone. The Grand Dukes Palace h

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Showtime in the City

RIGA - Summer is here! Ok, so it’s already half over. But anyway, that means drive-in mo

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Pacific Rim

Dir. Guillermo Del ToroWith a number of literate fantasy films such as Pan’s

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Rituals galore at Viljandi Folk Festival

VILJANDI - The Viljandi Folk Music Festival in Estonia has a central focus on European folk mu

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Yale chorus to perform

RIGA - The Yale Alumni Chorus from the prestigious Yale University in the U.S. will be perform

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The fleet’s in port

RIGA - After a ten year wait the sailing event “Tall Ships Races 2013” with its in

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