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Berzins still looking for a prime minister

Latvia’s President Andris Berzins said he was not satisfied with the prime minister cand

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VIDEO: Plane struggles to land on runway amid heavy winds

Heavy storms have battered large parts of Europe whilst six fatalities have also been reported

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Drivers urged to be on alert after heavy snow

Snow cover several centimeters deep is reported from multiple locations on Dec. 6, Latvian Env

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Top human rights activists visit Lithuania

Famous human rights defenders visit Lithuania on Dec. 6  at the invitation of the Europea

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EU leaders urge dialogue in Ukraine protests

European Union foreign ministers have urged Ukrainian opposition leaders in Kiev to solve the

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Baltics mourn death of Nelson Mandela

Tributes have poured in for Nelson Mandela after the South African icon passed away on Dec. 5

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City council members back mayor in no confidence vote

Thirty five members of Riga City Council's coalition parties, Harmony Center and Honor to

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Estonia outlines Afghanistan security plans

Estonia will pour around 376,000 euros from 2015-2017 into security operations in Afghanistan,

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Estonia toughens construction laws after supermarket collapse disaster

The Estonian government says it has 'toughened' construction supervision laws followin

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Latvia FM holds talks with Ukraine opposition

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics is in Ukrainian for talks with opposition leaders in

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