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Over 5,000 bombs liquidated in Latvia

Soldiers from the Unexploded Munitions Company have neutralized 5,792 explosive devices this y

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Small chance of white Christmas in Latvia

Stable cold and winter-like weather conditions are not expected by Christmas this year, howeve

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McDonalds to close in Daugavpils

Food giant McDonald’s will close its restaurant in Daugavpils, the City Council has said

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Vilnius preserves Jewish history with school revamp

Vilnius has taken another step towards restoring a part of its Jewish heritage, says Vilnius C

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Estonia, Kyrgyzstan presidents create closer ties

Estonian Prime Minister Ansip confirmed at the meeting with Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zhant

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Six billion euros to tackle Lithuania youth unemployment

Six billion euros will be poured in to to tackling youth unemployment over six years in Lithua

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Riga house prices highest in Baltics, shows report

The housing affordability index in Riga reached 158.4 points in the third quarter of 2013, the

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A third of Latvians oppose euro, shows survey

Almost a third of Latvia's residents oppose the introduction of the euro in Latvia on Jan.

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Estonian tug boat firm sells for 30m euros

Finnish tugboat company Alfons Håkans bought on Wednesday, Dec.11 Estonia's biggest

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Talks over European rights held in Vilnius

The closing conference of the European Year of Citizens will take place in Vilnius on Dec. 12-

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