McDonalds to close in Daugavpils

  • 2013-12-13
  • From wire reports, DAUGAVPILS

Food giant McDonald’s will close its restaurant in Daugavpils, the City Council has said. 

The move comes after the restaurant revealed it had not  made its planned return on investment in the past two years.

"McDonald’s" said the company will try to reduce the impact of closing the restaurant on employees by offering similar jobs "McDonald’s" restaurants in Riga or providing compensations in the amount of four to six monthly salaries and courses in cooperation with the State Employment Agency's branch in Daugavpils, says Tomasz Nawrocki, ''McDonald's'' executive director in the Baltic region.

A customer told the Baltic Times that one of the reasons for its lack of success in the city, and its closure may have been its location. 

"Had the McDonalds been placed in the heart of the city centre, it would have been more accessible and more popular."