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How Baltic banks control real estate

RIGA - Decent real estate management solutions in Riga are necessary. There’s loads of w

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Despite fallout from Snoras demise, Lithuanian banks are set for growth

KLAIPEDA - The Snoras Bank collapse at the end of last year has shaken up the entire national

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Green shoots appear in the construction sector

RIGA - The building and construction industry in Latvia now is one of these sectors whose recu

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2011 was better, but with no larger projects, builders ponder export markets

KLAIPEDA - Thirty-six-year old Vidmantas Kaseta, father of an 8-year-old daughter and 4-year-o

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Off to a vibrant start, 2011 comes to a sluggish end, dim forecasts for 2012

 KLAIPEDA - The optimism of the start of 2011, with more vibrant real estate action, evap

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Improving traffic in rental market

RIGA - The real estate market in Riga, when considering renting space, has stabilized. This co

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Start-up challenges in a closed retail market

RIGA - The pharmaceutical industry is marked by its position at the forefront scientific advan

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Large chains push small drugstores out of the market

KLAIPEDA - Single non-chain community pharmacies cannot stand up against large pharmacy chains

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Ski resorts in quandary without snow

RIGA - A winter sports business is quite difficult to run in a year where the snow has only ap

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Winter to blame for mid-January shutdown of Lithuanian skiing

KLAIPEDA - The spring-like warm and snowless winter gladdens most heating cost-wary Lithuanian

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