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Tight book market attracts millionaire, more sharks expected

KLAIPEDA - The good news is that Lithuanians read more than the average Joe in Europe. The bad

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Drawing the line on quality

RIGA - In terms of studies in graphic design, there are only a few options to look at in Latvi

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One award-winning armchair is not enough to brand a whole sector as distinctive

KLAIPEDA - If you are whimpering about the tininess of Lithuania and, therefore, its few oppor

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Cosmetics to rely on for greener living

RIGA - Eco-cosmetics production in Latvia is still a niche market, but with options to grow in

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Cosmetics business not about size and fame, but being smarter and greener

KLAIPEDA - Lithuanian cosmetics makers could hardly stand up to the international behemoths of

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Nano particle-rich pullover maker thrives as fur-coat tailors whine

KLAIPEDA - Because of an exceptionally export-oriented orientation, Lithuanian textile compani

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The unbearable sweetness of bee-ing

RIGA - Latvia’s economy needs all the help it can get. And in recent months a growing nu

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Lithuanian breweries chug on despite harships

KLAIPEDA - If you can’t imagine your life without slurping a heady brew from a thick-gla

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The first 90 days of the ‘new’ airBaltic

RIGA - It’s been about 90 days since the government of Latvia rescued the national airli

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An all time record for Lithuanian airports

KLAIPEDA - Lithuanian airports are not yet major hubs like Copenhagen, Oslo or Stockholm, but

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