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Hotels ready for EU presidency gold rush, but no scraps left for those in the sticks

KLAIPEDA - If New York and London hotel prices, at 233 and 217 euros on average, respectively,

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Web design solutions: from templates to thousand-client orders

KLAIPEDA - If you are more than friendly with the computer click, then you have to agree that

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Wedding bliss, but don’t look at the bill

KLAIPEDA - If you were planning that one special day in your life, to which your grandma refer

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New flavors for made-in-Latvia ice-cream

RIGA - Even for a cool summer that has yet to catch its spark, more and more people are stroll

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Domestic competition pushes Lithuanian ice cream producers to foreign markets

KLAIPEDA - Say what flavor of ice cream you like, and some important things about your intimat

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More visitors, fewer tourists?

RIGA - While strolling around the narrow streets of Old Riga on a sunny Friday afternoon, it w

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Tourism sector surges as travelers’ habits change

KLAIPEDA - With summer and the holiday season within reach, compatriots dust off their suitcas

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Private kindergartens pop up, though few parents can afford them

KLAIPEDA -  The difference from last year, when 28 new private kindergartens were establi

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Conference planners expect to cash in from Lithuanian EU presidency

KLAIPEDA - Business conference organizers are clapping their hands: in anticipation of Lithuan

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Pedal power takes tourists for a ride

RIGA - Public bike rentals first appeared in Europe in the 1970s, used as an alterna

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