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Autumn storms bring early payouts

RIGA - The first autumn storm has caused 5,000 lats (7,000 euros) worth of damage in Latvia. L

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Real Estate stability

RIGA - A stable demand remained in the Riga apartment market in September, which, given the la

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No confidence in airport chief

RIGA - Non-party Transport Minister Aivis Ronis expressed his distrust of the Chairman of Riga

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Row between private and state health care sectors hampers medical tourism

KLAIPEDA - Private healthcare facilities are vexed over different competitve conditions they a

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Poor public health services drive private clinics

RIGA - “It is a good time for the private [health care services] sector, and the main re

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Boosting the R&D sector for economic growth

RIGA - “What can be more exciting than the joy of discovery?” This was the motto o

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Latvia’s future challenges in R&D

RIGA - Located in a dynamic part of Europe, Latvia is positioned as a gateway between the East

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Bio-tech Baltics bridge connections and bring first-ever Nobel Prize winner a step closer

VILNIUS - Life Sciences Baltics 2012, held in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius on Sept. 12-14. A

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Secondary education costs nearing university education fees

KLAIPEDA - The couple hundred litas many parents shoved into their children’s pockets be

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Knapsack on first-grader’s shoulders telltale sign of the parent’s wallet size

KLAIPEDA -  Moms and dads of first-graders may find that getting them ready for the start

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