Slaves to Coke: A Photographic Journey into Germany's Steel Past

Steel is in Germany's blood. With the Continent looking to Essen this year, as the Capital of Europe

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'Turbo-Emancipation': Polish Women Enjoy Post-Communist Success

Women are revolutionizing Poland's deeply Catholic society. Not only have they found economic succes

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Murder at German School: Teacher Killed in Revenge for Bad Grades

A school in the German town of Ludwigshafen was evacuated on Thursday morning after a 23-year-old at

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The World from Berlin: 'Obama's Nuclear Calculation Not Likely to Bear Fruit'

US President Barack Obama has announced billions of dollars in loan guarantees for two new nuclear p

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The Law that Nobody Wanted: New Internet Legislation Embarrasses German Government

A new bill to fight child pornography has been signed into law by Germany's president. There's only

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Tourists with a License to Kill: A Look at the Mossad's Assassination Squads

Many intelligence agencies are suspected of carrying out assassinations, but few are as notorious fo

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Moscow Meets Fleet Street: Can a Russian Oligarch Save the British Press?

Alexander Lebedev sees himself as the savior of Britain's struggling newspaper industry. He already

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Concerns about Borrowing Costs: Greece Asks for Details on EU Aid Plan

Athens has asked the European Union for details on how it might bail out Greece should the need aris

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UN Climate Chief Throws in the Towel: De Boer Will Be a Hard Act to Follow

A climate agreement looks remote following the chaos of the Copenhagen summit and now United Nations

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