Germany's Latest Nazi Drama: New 'Jud Süss' Flops as Faustian Tragedy

"Jud Süss -- Rise and Fall" tells the story of one man's Faustian pact with the Hitler regime. The f

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The World from Berlin: 'De Boer's Resignation Is Catastrophic'

Yvo de Boer, the UN's climate chief, has announced his resignation. In the wake of an unsuccessful s

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Politics of the Crypt: Facing the Future with the Habsburg Dead

Many tourists take an underground detour to the Imperial Crypt, an internationally famed heritage si

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Cinema Across the Wall: East Germany Makes a Comeback at the Berlinale

In the beginning, films from the communist bloc were spurned by the Berlin International Film Festiv

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SPIEGEL Pub Quiz: Where Banksy Meets Berlusconi

It may be bleak mid-winter to some but in Germany the last few weeks have been all about partying. F

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Competition for Google: A German Library for the 21st Century

The German Digital Library wants to make millions of books, films, images and audio recordings acces

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Gender Divide in Business Education

Although women perform the same jobs as men and number among the students of business schools, stati

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Abkhazia, Russia Sign Accord On Base

MOSCOW — Russia on Wednesday signed a deal to build a Russian military base in the breakaway Georgia

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Moscow Hosts U.S. Innovation Delegation

MOSCOW — A U.S. delegation of White House officials, technology executives and social media enthusia

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