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Swedish EU presidency and migration

The Swedish presidency called and the experts came for a meeting to Malmo, Sweden on Dec. 14 &

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Talking about agents 007

Twenty years ago, on March 11, 1990, the Lithuanian parliament announced the reestablishment o

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An Estonian beauty with a big heart

With so many beautiful women in this world, only a select few have that ‘something reall

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Maizitis Says Yes, Demagogues Say No

Whether you call the person a prosecutor-general or an attorney general, a country’s top

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Minister denies fudging in quest for euro

TALLINN - Estonian Finance Minister Jur-gen Ligi said in an interview that Estonia did not imp

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Trade numbers continue drop

RIGA - Latvian imports in November exceeded exports by 67.6 million lats (96.5 million euros),

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Structural imbalances mean loan growth to remain weak

RIGA - Worries that Eastern Europe’s reliance on foreign-currency lending, a practice wh

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There is no business like show business

RIGA - The origins of the entertainment industry in Latvia can be traced to the times long, lo

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Less bread and circuses

VILNIUS - The Roman Empire’s rulers used to think that people need bread and circuses. L

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Estonia's show business facing full schedule this year

TALLINN - The upcoming year promises concerts, festivals and parties taking place in just abou

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