Swedish EU presidency and migration

  • 2010-01-14

The Swedish presidency called and the experts came for a meeting to Malmo, Sweden on Dec. 14 – 16, 2009, to discuss integration of new arrivals [to the EU] – on incentives and work. One hundred and fifty experts discussed the future politics on migration and concluded to work together on [the framework] of pull and push factors of migration, home and settlement, education, language, work. Every member-state of the EU will deliver in the future data and reports in order to start a comparison on migration among all member-states.

Also, national employment-services are asked to respond and assist with their knowledge of foreign labor. The overall purpose is to exchange the knowledge and to develop European values on migration and integration on the European labor market. The development of national language-courses, the start of work, the first flat, these were the problems discussed, as well as what is the advantage of coordinated European politics in integration.
Officially, no Baltic state was represented or spoke an opinion – [leaving this as] a task for the future, to be present in European migration politicies.

Dr. Sabine Stadler, Vienna
Vienna, Austria


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