Trade numbers continue drop

  • 2010-01-13
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Latvian imports in November exceeded exports by 67.6 million lats (96.5 million euros), show data from the Central Statistics Office, reports November imports reached 390.9 million lats, which is 1.3 percent lower than in October.Exports for November were 8.9 percent lower than in October.

Total trade for November, at 714.2 million lats, was 5 percent lower than the previous month, and 16.5 percent off year earlier numbers. January to November 2009 trade totals came to 7.4 billion lats, 32.9 percent lower than the previous year’s same period figures. Exports, at 3.2 billion lats, were 21.6 percent lower while imports, at 4.2 billion lats, were 39.6 percent down.
For November, 70.3 percent of exports went to other EU states while 76.3 percent of imports came from other EU member states.