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Estonian party promises cash to voters

TALLINN - In the run up to elections early next year, the Estonian Greens party has announced

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AirBaltic named "top 10 innovator"

RIGA - Latvian national airline airBaltic has been recognized as one of the world's "

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Lithuanian beard breaks Guinness record

VILNIUS - A Lithuanian man has broken his own record in the Guinness Book of World Records aft

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Train collision leaves two hospitalized, one missing

AEGVIIDU - Two enpty passenger trains have collided in the Northern Estonian town of Aegviidu,

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Lithuania condemns Belarus election

MINSK - Lithuanian Foreign Minister

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Latvian parliament passes 2011 budget

RIGA - The Latvian parliament has passed next year's budget with a vote of 54-38.

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Estonians warned about biker gangs

TALLINN - Finnish police have issued an official warning about the movement of the Hell's

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Latvia enjoys employment surge

RIGA - Latvia has seen a surge in employment rates of about 2% in just one quarter, by far the

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Cow name registry created in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonia's centre for animal records has created an official registry for the nam

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Government replaces Riga airport board

RIGA - The latvian Transport Ministry has replaced the entire board of the Riga International

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