When in Rome

Director: Mark Steven JohnsonIn the last couple of years, so-called New York

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The Bounty Hunter

Director: Andy TennantHow do you make a successful romantic

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The Ghost Writer

Director: Roman PolanskiThe return of the controversial, scandalo

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Alice in Wonderland

Director: Tim BurtonIt is very hard for me to be a hundred percent objective

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Valentine's Day

Director: Garry MarshallIn the last six or seven years, British and American movie

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Director: Jim SheridanDespite the fact that the movie “Brothers”

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The Men who Stare at Goats

Director: Grant HeslowBased on a book by Jon Ronson, enriched by four first-

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Sherlock Holmes

Director: Guy RitchieThe new screen adaptation of the story of one of the wo

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Couples Retreat

Director: Peter BillingsleyWhat does it take to make a quality movie? A movi

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