The Bounty Hunter

  • 2010-04-22
  • By Michael Litvinsky

Director: Andy Tennant

How do you make a successful romantic comedy, preferably one that will sell tickets? You take a couple of stars (or starlets, to your liking), shake it up a bit with an unusual story (or characters, or situation, depending on your taste), spice it up with an inner conflict between the characters wrap it up with a final kiss, and, voila, you have a film that a lot of people will watch, some will adore, and that everyone will forget about within a month.

The worst part is that even if you are going to follow all the instruction step by step, your film will never become a masterpiece and will never be called classic.

Unfortunately, the new rom-com “The Bounty Hunter” with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston staring in it, only confirms this hard-hitting rule. Still, I should mention, that when I decided to see it I didn’t really expect much, and I think that is the right policy concerning all romantic comedies. Do so, and all the jokes will seem funnier, the acting will seem much more realistic, and you will suddenly begin to see all the pros in the film. Despite the fact that this particular comedy is in no way different from any other rom-com you have already seen, it might be a good thing.

As any other romantic comedy, “The Bounty Hunter” is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend or with a group of friends – you won’t take it too seriously and you’ll probably have a great time. Yes, it will not make you reconsider your whole life, will not show you new horizons of movie making, but it might be completely unnecessary, if you are just looking for a way to have a good time.

So before you decide to watch this film, give yourself an answer to a simple question: Do you  think movies are supposed to be a way of having fun or are you a fan of serious cinematography? And even if you are not planing to see the film, answering that question will seriously ease the movie choice for you in future.  

Now showing in all three countries.


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