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Director: Robert RodriguezIf you have ever seen any of Robert Rodriguez&rsqu

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The Switch

Directors: Josh Gordon & Will SpeckThanks to the likes of “America

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The Karate Kid

Director: Harald ZwartThis remake of the 1984 coming-of-age/martial arts tal

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The Expendables

If you were a fan of action movies during the 1980s, then you would have been very happy indee

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The new film by Christopher Nolan is up in the best film charts. Again. The second film in a r

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Based on a comic book novel, the movie “Losers” does look like a comic book itself

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Knight And Day

When you look at James Mangold’s movie list as a director, you might no

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Director: Vincenzo NataliThroughout the year, the thriller/horror

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Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time

Director: Mike NewellNowadays, modern viewers have probably gotten used to the fac

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Robin Hood

Director: Ridley ScottAfter making his triumphal movie “The

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